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Roald Dahl's The BFG Trivia Workbook: Dive into the Whimsical World of Giants!
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Are you a fan of Roald Dahl's beloved tale, "The BFG"? Step into the enchanting universe of dreams, giants, and magical adventures with my collection of trivia questions inspired by this timeless classic. Whether you're an avid reader or simply captivated by the heartwarming friendship between Sophie and the Big Friendly Giant, this trivia is perfect for testing your knowledge and reliving the extraordinary moments from the book. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey! Download "The BFG" trivia workbook now and let the adventure begin!

♥♡ What's Included ♡ ♥

✅ 145 Worksheets of engaging questions about characters, plotlines, settings, and the whimsical elements that make "The BFG" a literary treasure

✅ Multiple-choice options (a-d) for each question, challenging the students' memory and comprehension of the story

✅ Answer Keys

✅Answer Recorder for Multiple Players

Immerse yourself in the thrilling escapades of the BFG and his courageous companion, Sophie. Explore the vibrant Dream Country, tackle the mischievous giants, and join forces with the Queen to bring harmony to the world. Whether you're hosting a themed party, organizing a book club event, or simply seeking a delightful challenge, "The BFG" trivia is an exciting opportunity to delve deeper into the story and relish the magic of Roald Dahl's imagination. Great for preteens and teens!

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