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Therapeutic Reflections for Autism | Kids & Teens S.M.A.R.T | Eisenhower Matrix

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Students will learn the concepts of prioritizing tasks and managing time through tools like the Eisenhower Matrix and SMART goals that can greatly benefit students. It equips them with essential skills to effectively organize their responsibilities, set meaningful objectives, and work towards achieving them in a structured manner. By understanding how to differentiate between urgent and important tasks, students can enhance their productivity, reduce stress levels, and make informed decisions about how to best allocate their time and energy, specially those with short attention spans. Additionally, mastering these techniques promotes self-discipline, self-motivation, and long-term planning, empowering students to navigate academic challenges, balance commitments, and lay a strong foundation for success in both their educational journey and future endeavors.

Great for use in groups as they converse and independent work to analyze their productivity.

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✅ Worksheets

Keys are not provided as each student will fill out the worksheets based on their daily life structure and activities.

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