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Cell Energy | Process Of Photosynthensis | Cellular Respiration | Fermentation|

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Students will read and answer questions about Cell Energy, The Process of Photosynthesis, Cellular Respiration & Fermentation.

Great for use in lesson introduction, supplement, review, and quiz in the topic.

♥♡This download includes♡ ♥

✅ Reading Passage

✅ Worksheets

✅ Keys

When they are done, they'll be able to have the answers to questions such as:

  • What are the two main processes involved in cell energy?
  • Where does photosynthesis occur in plant cells?
  • What are the two stages of photosynthesis, and where do they occur?
  • How is RuBP regenerated in the Calvin cycle?
  • Which stage of cellular respiration takes place in the matrix of the mitochondria?
  • What is the initial compound formed in the citric acid cycle?
  • How are ATP molecules produced in oxidative phosphorylation?

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