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English Language Arts Guiding Companion Strips

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Smart learning strips touching base in

proper adjectives

Student Level:
It is for grades second through fourth, however students needing extra assistance may use it for fifth grade. Students in Fifth grade are encouraged only for review, or practice, but may find it easy if student has not been withheld in a grade level.

Student Impact:
For all students: they will enjoy having colored strips with information around them when help is needed according to topic.

Students when need reminders or help, they will use the learning strips placed visibly when needing assistance.

About Guiding Companion Strips:

Items once printed will be cut and laminated (not required) for durability. Punch holed, and be printed on different colored paper to attract student focus. These Learning Strips are great for when a student is given work and have a question about what they are to write or how to write appropriately. Once all of them are looking super attractive, they can be placed on a wall near their desk with a thin rope spread out showing the topics to give them easy access or be placed along side posters/ bulletins showcasing their work.
You will get a PDF (2MB) file

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