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What are BOOM Decks?

 Boom Cards are task cards that are totally digital. They are hosted online on the Boom Learning platform. That means no need to keep them on your computer because once you purchase a set (either through another site or through this site), they stay on the site in your library. So, that means no more taking up space on your computer! 


1. They give immediate feedback

These digital task cards give your students immediate feedback. Students provide their answer on their task card and the Boom Learning website will immediately let them know if they are correct or if they need to try again. If it’s correct, the circle will turn green and give a nice little ding! If it’s incorrect, it will be red and give them the opportunity to try again.

2. You can try a preview for free!

The Boom Learning previews give you a pretty big preview. All previews through Boom Learning let you play four cards for free. That’ll really help you decide if you want to purchase and use that deck or not because you will get a pretty good sense of what the deck is all about. I love this feature because I like to see what I’m purchasing and I feel more comfortable knowing what I’m actually getting. 

3. Use them in a variety of ways

Boom cards can be used in a variety of ways. You can use them on a SmartBoard, tablets, and on a computer. So, you can use them as a whole group assessment on your SmartBoard. You can also use them during a center or computer time in your classroom. If you are doing distance learning this year with your students, you can assign them and students can use them at home.

4. You can assign them on different platforms

BOOM Cards can be assigned through Seesaw, Canvas, Schoology, Google Classroom, Moodle, Blackboard, Whiteboard and more! 

You can watch this video to find out how to assign them through Google Classroom.

5. It’s easy to set up a class

You can set up your classroom easily and assign certain decks to certain students or assign a deck to the entire class! Boom Learning gives you a great tutorial on how to do this and other tutorials on how to assign and see a student's grade.

6. Setting up an account is easy!

You do need an account to set it up. They give you a free trial account to test it out first! Sign up here.

 You can have access to this free audio deck from me here.  In it, students will select the correct abbreviation for each card according to the Audio.